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Wine Yeast Fermentis BCS103: Winemaking Supplies
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Fermentis BCS103 Wine Yeast

Fermentis BCS103 Wine Yeast
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Model number: BCS103-500
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Fermentis BCS103 Yeast: 500 grams

REPLACING Premier Cuvee this year

INGREDIENTS Yeast (saccharomyces bayanus) Emulsifier: E491 (sorbitan monostearate) ORIGIN BC S103 was selected in the Champagne region on Chardonnay for its excellent fermentation characteristics and its great resistance to extreme wine making conditions.


  • Fermentation abilities
  • Excellent settling strength
  • Wide fermentation temperature spectrum: 10-35 °C
  • Excellent fructose assimilation
  • Very good alcohol tolerance: up to18% vol./vol.
  • Low nitrogen requirements Metabolic Characteristics
  • Sugar/Alcohol yield: 16.2 g/l for 1% vol./vol.
  • No production of sulfur compounds
  • Low foam production
  • Low production of higher alcohols
  • Volatile acidity production below 0.2g/L


Fermentis BCS103 Wine Yeast
Average rating:
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Fermentis BCS103 Wine Yeast
BC S103
I used the BC S103 wine yeast for several red's and a white ferment, and I believe it is producing a very nice product. I am finding no H2S production, like I have with other yeast options. The fermentation goes very smooth, and I am looking forward to evaluating the final wine sensory aspects.
Fermentis BCS103 Wine Yeast
good restarter
Worked great to restart stuck wine.