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Auto Siphon 23 Inch Wine Racking Tube | Winemaking Supplies
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Auto Siphon 26"- Racking Cane 1/2" ID

Auto Siphon 26"- Racking Cane 1/2" ID
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Model number: FAS2
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This auto siphon, or racking tube, starts the suction necessary to begin the racking process, or transporting wine from one container to another,  in home wine making.

This racking tube consists of rigid plastic outer and inner tubes, configured with a gasket so it works like a pump. To use, lower into the container or carboy to be racked, pump the small tube a couple of times, and the siphon is started.

A removable plastic foot helps to avoid picking up sediment from the bottom of the container or carboy. The top of the inner tube has a gooseneck to allow the tubing (not included) to be attached without crimping.

This auto siphon takes 1/2 inch ID Polyvinyl tubing.


Auto Siphon 26"- Racking Cane 1/2" ID
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Featured positive reviews:

Auto Siphon 26"- Racking Cane 1/2" ID
This siphon is very fast due to the size of the tube and tubing. Siphons in 1/2 the time. It does not fit inside the neck of a smaller 5 gallon carboy. The raised bottom helps eliminate residue at the bottom of the carboy.