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Wine Yeast Lalvin R2 (R2-500) | Winemaking Supplies Commercial
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Lalvin R2 (R2-500) Wine Yeast

Lalvin R2 (R2-500) Wine Yeast
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Model number: R2-500
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Lalvin R2 (R2-500) Wine Yeast, 500 gram pkg.

S. bayanus.

Has excellent cold temperature tolerance (will ferment around 45 degrees with adequate nutrient) and contributes fruity esters to the aroma profile, making it a very good strain to use with varieties like Riesling, Seyval or Vidal.

Is this wine making yeast right for your wine's fruit and style? See our Wine Yeast Selection Chart to help you determine which yeast is best to use.


Lalvin R2 (R2-500) Wine Yeast
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Lalvin R2 (R2-500) Wine Yeast
Packing peanuts
The products are great but I really wish you would stop using styrofoam packing peanuts!