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Wine Yeast Lalvin BM 4X4: Winemaking Supplies
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Lalvin BM4x4 Wine Yeast: 500 grams

Model number: BM4X4-500
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Lalvin BM 4X4 Wine yeast, 500 grams S. cerevisiae . Lalvin BM 4x4 is a blend of BM45 wine making yeast and a complimentary strain chosen by Lallemand to provide all the advantages of BM45 with even greater reliability under difficult conditions. Gives a more dependable fermentation, increased mouthfeel, is good with Bordeaux & Sangiovese, and enhances tobacco, cedar, leather and jam characteristics. Sold in a 500 gram package for best value.

Is this wine making yeast right for your wine's fruit and style? See our Wine Yeast Selection Chart to help you determine which yeast is best to use.


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