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Magnet Stirrer Hanna Instruments 190M | Wine making Supplies
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Hanna Magnet Stirrer 190M

Model number: MS190
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Magnetic stirrers have a rotating magnetic field that causes a stir bar, immersed in liquid, to spin and stir the liquid.

This stirrer incorporates an electronic control which allows the user to regulate the speed with greater precision. Often in the lab a sample is removed from a stirrer before the speed is reduced. This would cause the motor of conventional equipment to accelerate until it is destroyed. This does not pose a problem with the Hanna mini-stirrer. In fact the internal Speedsafe(tm) mechanism will ensure that the maximum speed is never exceeded. The 190M comes supplied with an ABS cover that will resist the harmful effects of most chemicals that are accidentally spilled. The stirrer comes complete with a 25mm long Teflon(R) coated magnetic stir bar and instruction manual. 

Researchers, professionals and hobbyists use a magnetic mini stirrer to stir a variety of liquids and solutions in chemistry, food and beverage (such as wine testing), lab, and more. 

A magnetic stirrer is quieter, and more efficient than a motorized stirrer, and has no moving external parts that could break or wear out. 


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