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Must Plunger for punching down the cap in red must and wine | Winemaking Supplies
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Must Plunger: 36" Handle, 8" Disc

Must Plunger: 36" Handle, 8" Disc
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Model number: MP36
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Must plunger 36" handle, 8" disc. Stainless steel. The Must Plunger is an essential tool that increases the color and phenolic extraction of the grapes during the fermentation phase in red wine making.


Must Plunger: 36" Handle, 8" Disc
Average rating:
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Must Plunger: 36" Handle, 8" Disc
Best Punch Down Tool You Can Buy
We have tried a number of tools from power cement mixers to cricket paddles and this must plunger is the best. It allows the vintner to submerge and literally flop the cap upside down with a minimum of effort. It maximizes skin contact without chopping up the skins. By keeping the skins pretty much in tact, one can really put the pressure on a standard basket press and get a nearly dry cake without splattering all over the place. Only con would be that the red rubber end comes off easily.