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Must Plunger for punching down the cap in red must and wine | Winemaking Supplies
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Must Plunger: 48" Handle, 10" Disc

Must Plunger: 48" Handle, 10" Disc
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Model number: MP48
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Must plunger 48" handle, 10" disc. Stainless steel. The Must Plunger is an essential tool that increases the color and phenolic extraction of the grapes during the fermentation phase in red wine making.


Must Plunger: 48" Handle, 10" Disc
Average rating:
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Must Plunger: 48" Handle, 10" Disc
Plate too wide for some uses.
Aside from the fact that the item seems to be solid, well made stainless steel that cleans well, and I have no problem with its design or performance...
I found the 10 inch diameter plate too wide, for the initial break through of the must cap in any container with a less than say a 36 inch dia. top opening - as are probably most fermenting containers used in home wine making.
By "too wide" I mean too much resistance to the plunger to be able to break through the cap.
I'm going to look for a smaller diameter version.
A 5, 6, or 7 inch diameter plate more easily penetrates a must cap in home size containers (trash can or barrel size and smaller).
Once the must cap is thoroughly broken, the 10 inch dia. plunger can then be used, if still desired.
The 10 inch size is probably the choice for the larger vats used in winerys where the larger must cap surface area doesn't present as much resistant to the first few initial plunges.