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Opti-Red Nutrient for Yeast powder to enhance color stability in red wines | Wine making Supplies and Additives
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Opti-Red Nutrient for Wine Yeast

Opti-Red Nutrient for Wine Yeast
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Model number: OPTIRED-3
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Optired, Inactivated Yeast, Powder.

Opti-Red is a distinctive natural inactivated yeast product specifically designed to enhance roundness and color stability in premium reds. Due to a specific refining process, Opti-Red contains a high level of polyphenol reactive cell wall polysaccharides which can react with tannins and anthocyanins as soon as they are released from the grape skins. This results in red wines with more intense color, rounder finish and better tannin integration. Opti-Red can be added to the must to encourage earlier complexing or to the latter part of the alcoholic fermentation to help shape harsh polyphenols into smoother more approachable tannins. Used alone, it should not be viewed as a substitute for DAP or other fermentative nutrients.



Red (early addition): 0.5 lb/ton (227g/ton)

Red (later addition): 20-30 g/hL (1.6-2.4 lb/1000 gal)



0.87-1.3 grams/gallon


Opti-Red Nutrient for Wine Yeast
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Opti-Red Nutrient for Wine Yeast
Great product; I use this on all my red wines for color stability