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Optiwhite Yeast Derivative Powder Enhancer | Winemaking Supplies
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Optiwhite Yeast Derivative, Powder

Optiwhite Yeast Derivative, Powder
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Model number: OPTIWHITE-3
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Optiwhite Yeast Derivative, Powder. Opti-White is a blend of whole cell specific inactive yeasts. After mechanical inactivation, the contents of the whole yeast cell are gently dried. In white wines, these key polysaccharides help increase roundness, improve fresh, fruity aromas and work as anti-oxidants to help reduce the risk of browning and pinking.


Suggested use:

• Add to any whites to improve aromatics and color stability

• Add to light and acidic whites to round out and help reduce acidic perception.

• Add to high quality whites (intended for barrel aging) to help increase aging potential.

• Add to whites that are intended for an early market release. Opti-White enhances their “easy to drink” characteristics.


White Juice: 25-50* g/hL (2.0-4.0 lb/1000 gal)

*Use 50 g/hL to obtain maximum anti-oxidative properties.



0.5 - 1.5 grams/gallon


Optiwhite Yeast Derivative, Powder
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Featured positive reviews:

Optiwhite Yeast Derivative, Powder
K Sorbate
Good product for price. Does what it should (inactivates yeasts).
Dissolves very rapidly. Use with metabisulfite or SO2. Do not ever use if there is a chance of malolactic fermentation!!!