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Bottle Siphon designed by PIWC: Wine making Supplies
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PIWC Bottle Siphon

Model number: BSI
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Our PIWC Siphon is simple, practical, versatile, and inexpensive. Insert the bung in the carboy or jug to be siphoned and start flow by blowing, not sucking, on the starter tube in the bung.  Once flow is started the bung seal should be broken to create greater flow. Shut off flow with a pinchcock or by hand squeezing or crimping. Move the bung up or down the siphon cane tube to adjust for use with gallon jugs or carboys of up to 7 gallons.  Can be used for racking and bottling your wine.

The rigid plastic tube on this item is curved slightly, but when it’s outstretched, the length is 2 feet long. This is from the point of the curved top where the bung sits.  It would sit about 2 feet down into the carboy when the bung is inserted in to the mouth of the carboy as is. This is adjustable, however. There’s an additional foot of rigid tubing above this point on the bung.

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