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Rice Hull Grape Pressing Aid | Wine making Supplies
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Rice Hulls, 50 lbs

Rice Hulls, 50 lbs
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Model number: RH50
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Rice Hulls, 50 lbs. These hulls or husks of rice are an effective aid in pressing grapes and other fruits when making wine commercially or at home. They improve internal drainage and make the grapes less slippery and less likely to shoot out through the slats during pressing.

They should be sprinkled over the crushed grapes as you fill the press. They are packed in 50 lb bags. One bag is sufficient material for 2 to 6 tons of grapes.

The dimensions of the 50 lb bag or rice hulls is: 20” X1 2” X 31”.

Smaller quantity of 10 lbs of rice hulls available here.

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Rice Hulls, 50 lbs
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Rice Hulls, 50 lbs
Rice hulls
The rice halls were a great idea. They increase the amount of juice extracted from the Catawba grapes by 30 %. They were shipped and delivered within two days. Great product and great customer service