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Sal Soda (Soda Ash) Cleaning Agent | Wine making Supplies
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Sal Soda (Soda Ash): 3632 grams (8 lbs)

Sal Soda (Soda Ash): 3632 grams (8 lbs)
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Model number: SALS-38
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Sal Soda (Soda Ash), 3632 grams (8 lbs). This unscented inexpensive alkaline cleaning agent works about as well as most of the more expensive proprietary materials. It is effective with grape stains. Use cup per gallon of hot water. Chemical name for this product is sodium carbonate.


Sal Soda (Soda Ash): 3632 grams (8 lbs)
Average rating:
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Sal Soda (Soda Ash): 3632 grams (8 lbs)
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This has been my workhorse cleaner for several years. Sanitation is of the utmost importance in the winery. No need to skimp given the economical cost of this product. It works quite well in our clean/sanitize/"sterilize" regimen, and when dissolved in warm water the Soda Ash solution is effective at removing grape residue, sticky grape juice, and stains from equipment, hoses, stainless steel etc.