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Screw Caps Polyseal for 1 Gallon Jugs 38mm | Wine making Supplies
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Screw Caps: Polyseal 38mm

Screw Caps: Polyseal 38mm
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Model number: SCP2
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Screw Cap, Polyseal. 38mm.

The polyseal screw caps are black. They have a flexible inner liner that can withstand repeated usage. These screw caps measure 1 cm in height. 

Screw caps are not usually considered to be as good as regular corks for long term storage, but are generally satisfactory for short-term storage of about a year. They offer the advantages of ease of use and lower price. The argument against greater use on wine bottles rests more on tradition and aesthetics than safety. Reusing ordinary screw caps raises some risks. So these caps have a polyvinyl liner felexible enough to withstand repeated usage.

These screw caps will fit our 1 gallon jugs.

Sold in quantities of 25, 100, 500 and 1000 per package.


Screw Caps: Polyseal 38mm
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Screw Caps: Polyseal 38mm
clean polycaps
CLEAN POLYCAPS: Drill a 5/64" hole in only black cap, beside liner stem. Use a basketball air inflater to push out liner. Nail 2 strips of wood at 90 degrees on a board. Mount board on a drill press where you need hole. Drill both 28mm and 38mm. Eliminate mold & sterilize, corks or polycaps: Mix 1/2 t. potassium metabisufite in 1 cup water: Soak polycap or cork: shake off, attach.