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Acrylic Buret Self Leveling: Supplies for Wine making
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Self-levelling Acrylic Buret with Teflon Stopcock (10 mL)

Model number: B10SL
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Replacement 10mL Self-levelling Acrylic Buret with Teflon Stopcock for testing total acidity in wine when making wine at home or commercially. Ensure repeatable, accurate results with Nalgene™ Break-Resistant Self-Zeroing Automatic Burets. These burets are crystal clear, durable, easy to use and safer than glass. Nalgene burets will stand up to the daily bumps and occasional drops typically occurring in labs. Eliminate the risks and costs associated with sharp edges and shattering glass by using Nalgene shatter-proof acrylic burets. They are crystal clear and easy to use. Simplify volume readings—liquid in plastic burets doesn't form a meniscus, and level liquid avoids confusion and errors. Nalgene burets meet the accuracy requirements of ASTM E287, Class B. Nalgene burets are compatible with dilute acids (5% wt/wt) except hydrofluoric acid, and bases (up to 30%) except ammonium hydroxide, accommodating a wide range of titrants. Warning: Not suitable for use with alcohols and organic solvents; exposure to these solutions will cause immediate damage.


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