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Springcell Yeast Hulls Nutrex 370 | Wine Yeast Nutrient and Enhancer in Winemaking Supplies
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Yeast Hulls Springcell (Nutrex 370)

Model number: YH-5
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Yeast Hulls (Yeast Ghosts), Nutrex 370. Consists of the insoluble fraction of yeast cells. Supplies lipids and sterols to the fermenting yeast and adsorbs some of the fatty acids which tend to be toxic to yeast. While not truly a nutrient, it helps the yeast remain in better condition, allowing them to complete the fermentation more quickly. 

For prevention (when reducing sugars is important or the must is clarified) the application rate is 1.2-1.3g/gal.

For curing stuck fermentations (detoxify the must & re-pitching yeast starter in good conditions) the application rate is 0.65-0.87g/gal for reds or 0.38-0.58g/gal for whites.
*has must detoxification properties as absorption of the toxic compounds.

Mulitple sizes available, Click here to see a larger commercial size of yeast hulls.

Click Here for Yeast Hull (Springcell) Instructions


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