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Zymaflore« VL1 Yeast 500G

Model number: VL1-500
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Fermentation qualities and œnological aptitudes are the two essential criteria LAFFORT uses to select ZYMAFLORE® yeasts. LAFFORT's R&D department has developed two techniques. First, Terroir selection: selection of dominant yeasts in wines from the best "terroirs". Second, Breeding: consists of cross-breeding two strains, with no GMO involvement, then isolating a strain in the offspring which displays the desired parental characteristics. This technique allows for higher strain selection precision.

Zymaflore VL1

Yeast for white wines with high aromatic elegance intended for cellaring. Ideal for ultra premium Chardonnays. Presents an excellent capacity for revealing terpene-type varietal aromas (Muscat, Riesling, Gewürztraminer), due to its enzymatic profile that is specific to these precursors. It is perfectly suitable for generating varietal and elegant white wines.


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