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Sulfur Disc (Pastille) to preserve winemaking barrels | Wine making Supplies
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Sulfur Disc (Pastille) 5 gram

Model number: SD
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These sulfur discs are a preferred replacement for sulfur strips. We recommend you burn these in the sulfur disc holder (SH) to protect your oak wine making barrel from ash and prolong the use of your oak barrel. 

After 30 days, carefully remove the pastille to avoid ash spilling into the barrel and burn a new one. Repeat the process as long as the barrel will remain empty.

Cleaning and Storing Barrels

 1. Thoroughly rinse barrel with clear, odor-free, chlorine-free water (filtered if necessary) until the drainage appears clear.
 2. Drain the barrel and allow it to dry thoroughly (estimated 1 to 2 hours).
 3. Once you are certain the barrel is completely dry, treat it using 10g to 20g of sulfur discs or sticks (or equivalent in sulfur gas) to discourage microbial growth.  Light the sulfur and quickly lower it into the barrel avoiding breathing in any fumes.  A sulfur disk holder is recommended for easier control of the sulfur and to prevent sulfur ash from getting into the barrel.  Use thin wire to suspend the sulfur or sulfur disk holder.
 4. After lowering the sulfur into the barrel quickly insert a silicone bung snugly in the bunghole.
 5. Re-treat empty barrels with sulfur every 30 days.
 6. Store barrels in a cool, humid environment.

See our complete Barrel Use and Care recommendations.

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