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Noma Wine Corks, Synthetic | Winemaking Supplies
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Corks: Noma Brand Synthetic

Corks: Noma Brand Synthetic
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Model number: SNCK-NOMA
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Noma Brand, Synthetic wine corks. This cork is an all synthetic (1 LENGTH #9) cork.

Best used with a floor corker like our Portuguese (PCO) or Italian (ITCO) models.

Sold in quantites of 25, 100, 500 and 1000/pkg


Corks: Noma Brand Synthetic
Average rating:
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Corks: Noma Brand Synthetic
These synthetic corks are generally worth the cost. They hold the seal very well and are easy to install and remove. Every once in a while you can get a small crease or fold against the inside of the bottle if you rush the process and thrust the cork too firmly (quickly) into the bottle neck. Price is about the same from vendor to vendor.
Corks: Noma Brand Synthetic
Noma Synthetic Corks
This is much better than the natural corks I have used in the past. They slide in easily with the use of a corker and hopefully will not have the problem of drying out that natural corks have.