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Winemaking Glass Carboy Italian 5 Gallon Fermenter | Wine making Supplies
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6 Gallon Italian Glass Carboy

6 Gallon Italian Glass Carboy
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The 6 gallon Italian glass carboy is a larger capacity carboy recommended for use as a secondary wine fermentation, and also works well for aging or long term storage.

This is the perfect size for use with most of our wine concentrates and Chilean, California, and Italian Fresh Juice Pails. This can easily be fitted with an airlock (PLB or PLS), or sealed airtight with a stopper (RB7 or RS7) or bung (SUCB or UCBD) for long term storage.

Glass carboys are airtight, easy to clean and sanitize, do not scratch or break down over time, and do not hold an odor, which could affect taste.

Check out our full line of Concentrate Wine Kits- they provide the perfect amount of concentrate for a 6 gallon glass carboy.

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6 Gallon Italian Glass Carboy
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6 Gallon Italian Glass Carboy
Great products and service
My wife and I have been very pleased with everything bought. Excellent service.